Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laugh or Cry I found another Stolen Photo

Well I really want to fall back into bed and cry! Please let this be a Dream and not happening to me! This morning I got up and did the normal family stuff with the little one and them I checked the Facebook to see how the refer a friend game was going, last night it was a three way time and a few other fans away from being a four way tie! So I did my daily post and started invoicing for the Auction last night and there was a question on one of the photos " Are these still available & if so, how much? " Buggy's Bowtique I checked out her page! (what person would not look at there page there a BOWtique shop as well) and what did I find but a picture from my older shop on her page! I just cried! I have contacted facebook and the seller and she wrote me back and said she did not steal the bow and was sorry for the Misunderstanding and then blocked me from her page! I could not even write a reply back! So I posted on facebook on my page so everyone can see the ORG. Pic and the way she changed it! You can see for your self. I just want to remind everyone that there is some really bad people out there and they will steal your photos as well. I hope that you all look at these and then start protecting your items as well! Thanks Heather This is the photo she made

This is my copyrighted photo!


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