Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to throw a Lady Bug Birthday party that is to Dye For

Well it all started with my shop in Ar. and this cute little girl named Chole and her Mother's love for Lady Bugs. And a few hours later we came up with this cake! A few days later I get a call and she is a mess she had family problems and had no time to look or put her daughter's birthday together. She offered me something I never thought I could do....what for it ....throw the whole party! I was honored and walking on cloud nine but them it hit me I had 4 days to make this little girls Party ROCK and make her Mothers fears melt away! So I got online and googled and looked and found some really neat things to try and I put my own twist on the party...I put together a birthday party Wedding style! :0)

I set up a little table when you first get into the living room and I added a sweet little book ( sorry wish I would have taken a picture) it had a page for each of the guests to sign. They wrote Chole a sweet little note about there life's together so far. Then I lucked into finding a shop that had these super cute metal buckets. So I used them and filled them with goodies. The sign was made by a local Scrapbooking shop, I know that you can find shops online who go the paper sign; Like or both of these ladys make embellishments and I'm sure could help you better then I could! Then I printed Labels to go over water bottles (I'm sure there is someone out there who makes them but I was pressed for time so I bought mine and soaked them in water to remove the labels and added my own) I then hand painted baby food jar lids red and black dots and filled with M&M's ( boy those were a big hit, till they brought out grilled steaks)I made cookies and wrapped them up and then added a few touch's here and there and we had a set up for a lovely Lady Bug Birthday Party. Chole had a wonderful Birthday her mom was so happy! I hope this gives you a little bit of ideals on how to use what you have or when you don't have a lot of money to spend how to still have a bit of a party! Thanks for stopping my Have a wonderful night. Heather
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